Assalamualaikum wbt..

Physics? Isn't I am going to take Biotech? Well, actually for your information, Biotech doesn't meant it deals only with chemistry and biology. It depends on your specialization, and also your University requirement. And for me, I'm taking Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and also Physics for my A-Level, during AS and A2. That's what being told to me by my Cempaka seniors.

Well, that's not the main idea for this post. Actually my ex-roommate in Kisas had asked me a physics question, and it really tooks time for me to have it answeres, because my brain had full of stains need to be clean. Thanks to Ameer Amri for such brain-polishing question.

The Question is as follows :

Two trains leave a station on a parallel tracks. The first train move from rest with an acceleration 0.2 ms^-2 and reach the max speed of 20km/h and move with the speed for the rest of the journey. The 2nd train move from rest 40s after the departure of the first train with an acceleration 0.5ms^-2 and reaches a max speed of 45 km/h and moves with the speed for the rest of the journey. Calculate the time taken for each of the trains to meet each other side by side and calculate the distance travelled to reach the position.

Given the answer is; the first train took 83.45 s, the second train took 43.45 s and the distance travelled to meet each other is 386.4 m.

*Do try to figure it out yourself, and seek the answer here : answer

All the best.

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p/s : I'll we registering on the 5th of July, this Monday at Cempaka International School, Cheras. Pray the best for me, and for us.

May ALLAH bless us all with His Rahmat. Barakallahu fii kum.

Assalamualaikum wbt.


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